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An interview with
susanne runacres

Susanne Runacres a regular exhibitor at the Cambridge Glass Fair who specialises in selling contemporary art glass. She kindly agreed to be interviewed for the website. She is always listed under her company name, Artyfactz.


Allister Malcom
Susanne Runacres

When and how did you become interested in glass ?

My grandmother travelled all over the world and collected glass.  She was particularly fond of Murano.  I was fascinated by it from a very young age. I loved the fact that it is such a tactile meduim and the way that changes in light create different effects on a piece.

What sort of glass do you collect personally, if any?

I like sleek, clean lines and unusual designs.  I particularly like contemporary glass.

Do you have collections of anything other than glass ?

Like most women, I collect designer handbags and shoes. My husband's nickname for me is Imelda Marcos!!

Are there any particular styles, periods or designers that inspire you more than any other?

For the last couple of years I have been particularly impressed with the work of both Layne Rowe and Louis Thompson. I completed a day's glassblowing course with them last year and found it both informative and very exciting. I was actually quite impressed with a piece I made myself. I intend on doing that again this year.

What is the most special / interesting piece that you own ?

I have two favourite pieces at the moment: one is a Louis Thompson Aquascape as it reminds me of some beautiful places I have visited ( I must have inherited that from my grandmother) and the other is a Svaja sculpture entitled "Embrace" which to me epitomises the importance of those people close to you.  It is a statement piece and has such fluidity and simplicity which makes it truly beautiful. It has proved to be a real "conversation starter". 

What was the best piece of advice you were given when you started dealing in glass ?

The best piece of advice I was given was to do as much research as you can and be honest. Integrity is everything.

What advice have you got for someone just beginning to deal in glass?

My advice to someone starting out would be to deal in what interests you as the enthusiasm and the passion shows through. What a great job to have...talking about something you love all day!!

Which are the best and worst aspects of being a exhibitor ?

The best aspect of being an exhibitor is that I can share my love of glass with others.  I get a real "buzz" when customers buy what I have chosen to sell and then come back to collect another piece.  I find it frustrating when visitors to the fairs don't even stop to look. If I was a visitor, I would look at everything.  You never know what you might find and whose work may appeal to you. It would be very nice to have someone carry all the boxes for me!