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An interview with
Mike Moir

Debby and Mike Moir specialise in selling Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass by Rene Lalique, Daum, Moser, WMF Ikora, Emile Galle, L C Tiffany and other great makers of glass between 1875 and 1955. For many, this period of glass making has never been equalled and produced some of the finest glass ever made. Yet, as with many of our other exhibitors, their own areas of collecting are surprising and stretch beyond the world of glass.

If you would like to speak to Debby and Mike at the fair, or have a link to their web site, click here for further information.

Debby & Mike Moir.
Debby & Mike Moir of M&D Moir - Art Deco and Art Nouveau specialists

When and where did you become interested in glass?

About 20 years ago, having spent some years dabbling in antiques we finally settled on glass. We'd both come from families that collected antiques, but neither set liked glass -I guess the classic case of being true to our genes mixed with minor rebellion

What sort of glass do you collect personally, if any?

Rene Lalique tableware (and other small unusual pieces of his work),
Opalescent animals from makers like Cesari, Ferjac, Hunebelle, Jobling etc, Enamelled Stuart.

Do you have collections of anything other than glass?

Globe Wernicke bookcases/furniture, original SF bookcover art. (Don't try to find the link there isn't one)

Are there any particular styles, periods or designers that inspire you more than others?

Art Deco & Art Nouveau. Mostly the makers we specialise in, as we like to sell what we love the most: Rene Lalique, Emile Galle, Daum, Moser, WMF Ikora, LC Tiffany etc. This is the period when glass really came into its own; it literally came to life as the major makers learn t how to take advantage of its many properties.

What are the best and worst aspects of being an exhibitor/dealer?

Worst: Packing, humping and unpacking crates of glass, or paying the accountant! - bad on the back or worse on the wallet!

Best: When a customer comes back for more! It's nice to know they liked what they bought and want more, sometimes you never see customers again and wonder if they are happy with their purchases. Also, the chance to learn a lot about a major glass maker, without filling your house with their glass!

What was the best piece of advice you were given when you started collecting/dealing in glass?

There were two pieces of advice, "Highly collectable and ugly doesn't sell, but beautiful and rare does" and "Not everyone has space for a giant masterwork on their mantelpiece, but almost everyone can find room for a miniature marvel".

What advice have you got for someone just beginning to collect glass?

Stick with the big important names; they never go out of fashion and they usually got to be famous because they are the best. Buy what you like, but have never seen before.

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