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Michael Goodrum B.A.Hons.
fused glass specialist

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Visionary Glass was founded by Michael Goodrum and together with his assistant, Gary Moore, he now supplies numerous galleries and interior designers throughout the UK and has worked on a number of special projects for show homes, restaurants, surgeries and private clients. 

A regular at trade and retail fairs up and down the country, Michael has recently been selected to take part in exhibitions at the British Embassies in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He is constantly working on new designs, products and techniques, so please ask to be added to the mailing list for exciting updates on his work and availability. This can be accessed from the web site link below.

our glass

Introducing an exciting new concept in contemporary art with a stunning range of sculptural glass canvases by artist Michael Goodrum. Using the ancient technique of glass fusing, Visionary Glass creates a vibrant alternative to more conventional forms of wall decoration, combining light, colour and texture.

Individually hand-cut fragments of glass are carefully built up in layers on a clear base, before fusing them all together in the kiln at over 800 degrees Centigrade. Finely textured detail is often embedded into the underside of the piece to add depth and description, and elsewhere crushed and powdered glass is delicately scattered to give tonal hints and shading.

The panel is then held in the kiln just long enough to fuse the fragments together, without them losing their individual contours. This process usually takes over 24 hours depending on the size of each panel, and only  the more expensive specialist glass is used, ensuring compatibility, consistency and permanence of colour. The panel is then bonded to a mirrored base and framed or mounted in a number of different options, all of which come complete with easy to hang fittings.

See Below for examples of glass that we will be exhibiting at the next Cambridge Glass Fair.

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Visionary Glass
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glass to be exhibited at the next fair:

Undulate - in sky/pale blue plus sea/teal green, on a framed mirror background

Size shown 580mm X 580mm

Rivulet - shown in bronze, orange and red, on an etched glass, frameless mount

Size shown 380mm X 780mm

Iris - in medium blue and yellow, on a white mount, framed

Size shown 580mm X 580mm

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