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about me

I am a designer- maker of contemporary kiln-formed glass jewellery. My work sells primarily in art galleries, as it is regarded as miniature wearable art but also through my website which shows a range of examples of my work. My innovative approach to contemporary glass jewellery won me the Sir Paul Smith sponsored Spirit of Enterprise Award for design and creativity in 2007. Every piece is both my original design and unique and nearly half are made primarily or exclusively from recycled glass. Sources of inspiration I am conscious of include stained glass windows, organic forms and African art. Commissions are a speciality and a joy.

my glass

I create dramatic, quirky jewellery, cuff links and occasionally homeware using or combining recycled bottles, old window (float) glass, charity shop treasures or expensive art glass, metal off-cuts and wirework. Using recycled glass typically necessitates a lengthy experimental phase to assess how the glass reacts at different temperatures and to ensure compatibility. There can be both delightful and frustrating surprises. Apart from my signature art glass and wine bottle ranges I will be exhibiting several new ranges at the Cambridge Fair, one where I combine gold or platinum with recycled window glass and others where I have used recycled mosaic tesserae or marbles.

I make beautiful things from customers’ own champagne bottles to capture the memories of a celebration. I have also encapsulated something precious like a lock of hair or a child’s milk tooth in commissions for an exchange of vows or other commemorative purposes.

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Sue Holdaway
0115 8402543 / 07944 187141

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