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Designer & maker of limited edition contemporary handmade glass

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Sandra Callowhill is an emerging talent in limited edition contemporary handmade glass.

She is formally trained and creates a variety of decorative pieces that includes tabletop vessels, sculptural objects and wall mounted panels. Her work is characterised by simple forms that contain a stunning use of colour and pattern.

Sandra is passionate about her glass; designing and making is an ongoing fascination and her portfolio is ever changing. Sandra’s work is currently on sale in selective outlets in and around Reading, in Hampshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire.

our glass

Sandra designs and hand-makes all her limited edition kiln formed glass. She uses the highest quality hand-rolled sheet glass renowned for its choice of spectacular colours and beautiful champagne bubbles.

Sandra currently has three design ranges called Freedom, Scribble and Sliced & Diced.

Freedom and Scribble ranges contain intricate decorative patterns made from crushed and powdered glass. Every single piece of crushed glass is hand placed to ensure that no two pattern details are ever exactly the same. Every glass object is unique and lovingly made.

The Sliced & Diced range is characterised by a deep love and fascination for beautiful and stylish colour combinations arranged in geometric patterns made from hand cut slices of glass.

A small selection of Sandra’s work is shown below and we would invite you to see much more at the fair.

Sandra is looking forward to meeting you at the Glass Fair and will be happy to talk to you about her glass and inspirations…

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