three hundred years of collectable glass in one day

The Cambridge Glass Fair


Specialising in unique and limited production Art Glass

about us

A Heart of Glass was born out of our love of art and admiration for the skilled artists whose work we showcase. Being collectors ourselves, we understand the thrill of finding that special piece and we delight in sharing our passion for Art Glass with our customers.

Glass has been on a massive journey and it is no longer just about functionality. Glass is the new painting- the new centrepiece. As we strive to create stylish homes, our hunger for original art pieces grows. Blending beauty with cutting edge design, our Art Glass pieces will provide a stunning focal point and a chance to own a piece of creative excellence.

our glass

Specialising in contemporary art glass, our aim is to seek out the most artistic and inspired designs from across the world. We import a wide selection of Bohemian glass, much of it made to our individual requests for colour and design. Our extensive range also includes work from leading American artists, exclusive to us in the UK. You will also find pieces from highly regarded British & Swedish artists, including Bob Crooks, Peter Layton & Mats Jonasson.

All our pieces are true works of Art- Unique, handmade and skillfully crafted.

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Jo & Nick Mullins
07799 733538
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