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The Cambridge Glass Fair



october 2016

welcome to the zoo!

The October 2016 exhibition promises to be fun: showcasing a selection of animal and other figurines from a private collection, it will be found in the annexe off Hall 1.

The image below right shows a fabulous and rare iridescent gold frog made by Loetz in around 1905. What a corker! (or should that be croaker?).

Rare Loetz frog in iridescent gold, c1905.

Below to the left is another fine beastie - this time it's a cracking crab in red and opalescent white glass and is by Archimede Seguso, dating from c1950.

Animal figures and sculptures of all types have been produced over the years by a wide variety of manufacturers and while this is not a comprehensive collection (which would prove difficult to accomplish) it brings together some very beautiful and interesting pieces and will no doubt be a great draw for our visitors.

Collected over a long period by one of our most experienced and knowledgeable exhibitors, Peter Elliot, you can be sure that this exhibition will include some superb glass.

Several of the exhibits hail from some of the great Murano factories with pieces by Seguso, Barbini, Barovier, Cenedese and Napoleone Martinuzzi while others are of Czech/Bohemian origin, by Loetz and Exbor in particular.

White opalescent and red glass crab by Archimede Seguso, c1950.


Included in the display will be several items on loan from another regular exhibitor, Graham Hudson. Both Peter and Graham can be found in Hall 3 and will no doubt be able to shed more light on their contributions for anyone who pays them a visit.

With around thirty items on display we are sure visitors to the fair will find this a fascinating and compelling celebration of the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of wildlife as seen by the masters of glass: welcome to the zoo!




a few of the exhibition highlights and an image of the exhibition

  • Alfredo Barbini tiger; black glass with laid-on gold leaf, c1950.
  • Rare Loetz turtle vase in mimosa cobalt, c1905.
  • Alfredo Barbini cuttlefish, c1950.
  • Salviati white opal and black heron, c1960's.