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knebworth Exhibition: september 2013

butler bowls and members' favourites

Display of Sky Blue pieces
The Hudson collection of Butler bowls.

The September 2013 exhibition presented by members of the forum was a little different to usual in that there were two separate displays in two cabinets.

The first housed a fabulous collection of Butler bowls and the second brought together personal favourite items brought in by various members of the forum.

As you will see in the image on the right, Graham Hudson's collection of the iconic footed bowls designed by William Butler in the 1920's is simply superb.

There were bowls in several different sizes - this design,,was produced in 5 sizes - and in many colour variations, some extremely rare.

There were streaky and cloudy colourways, white lattice, two-tone, striped - absolutely fabulous! Graham should be very pleased with himself for amassing this wonderful collection and we are all very grateful to him for sharing it with us.

At the bottom of the cabinet he placed one of his own favourite items: an extremely tall cloudy pink baluster vase. This is pat. no. 9132, 1938 catalogue, and only produced in this one size at 17 inches in height!

The second part of the exhibition was dedicated to David Fuller, a popular and knowledgeable member of the forum who sadly died a short time ago.

This cabinet held an eclectic display of items which were supplied by:

Julian Knowles, Paul and Christina Bishop, Tony Graham, Nigel Benson, John Hobbs, Peter Elliot, Richard Anderson, Wolfie Rayner, Leni Simons, Brian Slingsby, Stan J, Terry and Peggy Martin, Dale Morris, Layna Manning, Rosemary Pearce and Graham Hudson.

The 'Favourites' display.

Among the many items on display was a very interesting Paul Jeffries decanter with a colourful cartouche brought by Brian Slingsby, which contrasted nicely with Nigel Benson's lovely Harry Powell flint decanter with silver-mounted cork stopper and white threading, dating from c1901.

There was a whole shelf of paperweights from Tony Graham and several desirable Peter Wheeler designs.

A rare black swan took pride of place on one shelf and there were some experimental, non-production items, such as a one-off ruby triangle vase.

All in all, once again it was a great effort by the dedicated members who must be heartily thanked for organising the exhibition.

The members pull out all the stops at each fair to present a wonderful display of the high quality glass produced by this factory whose work they rightfully admire so much and because Whitefriars was such an innovative manufacturer they have much to choose from, so we can hopefully look forward to many more stunning exhibitions.


These displays and the effort of coodinating them are much appreciated by visitors to the fair, whether Whitefriars collectors or not, as they provide a valuable insight into the varied and imaginative glass designs produced during the factory's long history.

This was another superb exhibition which gave lots of opportunity and material for discussion among the group and other visitors to the fair.

exhibition highlights

  • Collection of paperweights.
  • Harry Powell decanter.
  • 'Cartouche' decanter.
  • Butler bowl collection.
  • Ruby triangle vase.

    Paperweights from the exhibition








    Note: Images provided by Leni Simons.










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