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knebworth Exhibition: september 2012

twentieth century clear and coloured cut crystal

Display of Sky Blue pieces
Emerald, amber and sapphire blue pieces from the display

The September 2012 exhibition presented by members of the forum was a stunning display of twentieth century clear and coloured cut crystal.

This impressive exhibition was the largest to date and ran over three full-size display cabinets in the foyer of the Old Hall at Linton Village College, the new temporary home of the Cambridge Glass Fair after the fire which devastated the previous venue, Chilford Hall Vineyard, in June.

The glass on display was a real cross section of Whitefriars production, including as it did some of the later, more traditionally cut ranges right back to the high-end, scarce and highly desirable Art Deco-inspired designs and uncatalogued pieces, such as the early sky blue shallow Roman cut liqueur decanter contributed by Nigel Benson.

This was probably a Harry Powell design as were the other shallow Roman cut items he brought along. He also added to the display with some William Wilson cut crystal and an Elfverson fish vase.

Other contributions included a Comet vase and William Wilson, Albert Tubby and Barnaby Powell Art Deco coloured cut crystal from Peter Elliott and James Hogan Art Deco pieces from Patrick Hogan.

Walking stick by Ray Annenberg

Patrick also contributed a James Hogan lager set in amber with fabulous cutting depicting stylised figures. This was a design by Edmond Hogan, Patrick's father, who was a designer at the factory along with his father, James.

Patrick's other lovely contribution was a Harry Powell silver-topped decanter.

Maurice Wimpory brought William Wilson, Bernard Fitch and Geoffrey Baxter cut crystal and Wolfie Rayner brought some Ray Annenberg coloured cut crystal paperweights along with some more Roman cut crystal and some Baxter fish vases.

Speaking of Ray Annenberg, he added a green Elfverson vase and a large Whitefriars cut crystal punch bowl. This was made by Harry Dyer and presented to him and his wife, Hazel, on their first wedding anniversary in 1960.

Pictured here on the left is a special item made by Ray which, although not part of the exhibition, is worth mentioning. It is one of the half-dozen or so walking sticks which he produced during his time at Whitefriars and is recognisable because of its 'normal' style handle. Apparently, most glass walking sticks had shepherd's crook handles. So now you know what to look out for!

Brian Slingsby, ex-technical manager at the factory, contributed a unique green cat designed and made by Boffo and several other quirky items.

Terry and Peggy Martin contributed a lesser known area of Geoffrey Baxter's designs for cut crystal which were introduced by Whitefriars to capture a part of what was then a lucrative market. This completed the story very well.
Other pieces were contributed by Graham Hudson, John Hobbs and Richard Anderson.

Most of the contributors are regular members of the forum and all are to be congratulated on their fabulous collections.

Patrick Hogan and Terry and Peggy Martin are to be heartily thanked for organising the exhibition thus making this very special display a reality.

The members pull out all the stops at each fair to present a wonderful display of the high quality glass produced by this factory whose work they rightfully admire so much and because Whitefriars was such an innovative manufacturer they have much to choose from, so we can hopefully look forward to many more stunning exhibitions.

These displays and the effort of coordinating them are much appreciated by visitors to the fair, whether Whitefriars collectors or not, as they provide a valuable insight into the varied and imaginative glass designs produced during the factory's long history.

To see more images of the exhibition, please click here.

This was another superb exhibition which gave lots of opportunity and material for discussion among the group and other visitors to the fair.

exhibition highlights

  • Comet vase and Art Deco pieces
  • Harry Powell liqueur decanter and other Roman cut items
  • Hogan lager set

    The whole exhibition

Note: Images provided by Patrick Hogan and Terry Martin.










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