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The Cambridge Glass Fair

knebworth Exhibition: february 2011

ray annenberg

Display of Sky Blue pieces
Display of Whitefriars glass made by Ray Annenberg.

As a special tribute to Ray Annenberg, one of the most popular members of the ex-Whitefriars workforce, the forum members staged an exhibition of some of his work at the February 2011 fair.

The majority of the items on display were from the collection of Terry and Peggy Martin with other pieces loaned by Patrick Hogan, Wolfie Rayner, Julian Knowles, Richard Anderson, Willie (Dunstan Boy) Black and Emmi Smith among others.

Two large cabinets sparkled with a selection of the various vases, drinking glasses, paperweights and, in particular, families of animals produced by the master glassblower during his working career.

There were several rare pieces included in the display such as two robins (only six were ever made) and three large knobbly vases in aubergine, aqua and amber from a total production of only fifty.

There were penguins in ruby, aqua, gold and flint and two swords - fragile items - in sky blue and ruby.

Twelve elephants paraded across one shelf in all the colours ever used - ruby, aqua, sky blue, gold, flint and studio gold. These included a super family trio of flint examples loaned by Richard Anderson, and can be seen pictured here on the right.

The streaky paperweights formed a stunning display in all their variations of colours and canes as did the apples and pears, contributed by Willie Black, of which there were ten in all - a complete set of all the colours.

Among the cut crystal pieces were six wine glasses made by Ray and cut by Cyril Gould and a vase with 27% lead content blown by Ray and cut by Geoff Hadfield.

There were several 'one-off' bird figurines such as a flint budgie, a wren and a sparrow. along with four bubbled owls in gold, ruby and flint (see top right).

There were also two glass boots made by Ray while he was at Whitefriars.

When the Whitefriars factory closed in 1980, Ray went to work for a short time at Cambridge Glass and two elephants, two goblets and an apple that he made while he was there were also included in the exhibition.

Ray and his wife, Hazel, attended the fair and no doubt enjoyed meeting with and chatting to visitors and forum members about his time at Whitefriars. There must inevitably be a lot of stories to tell attached to a long and interesting career.


Later Sky Blue in Cabinet 2
Pieces by Ray including drinking glasses, vases and apples and pears.

We were very proud to be able to offer the members the opportunity to celebrate the work of a deservedly respected and loved gentleman who helped to create some of the most beautiful and desirable British glass available to discerning collectors today.

To see more images of the exhibition, please click here.

This was another superb exhibition which gave lots of opportunity and material for discussion among the group and other visitors to the fair.

The members also took the opportunity to once again bring along some examples of the fake Whitefriars pieces which are causing such problems for collectors. These were available for comparison with authentic pieces and the forum members were happy to discuss the differences and give helpful pointers.









exhibition highlights

  • Twelve majestic elephants.
  • Six bell wine glasses made by Johnny Paine for Ray's family using the original bell mould.
  • Two rare robin figurines.
  • Two swords.

Note: Images provided by Mike CB and Julian Knowles.