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knebworth Exhibition: september 2010

all that is streaky

Display of Sky Blue pieces
Display of streaky Whitefriars glass from various periods

The forum members really pulled out all the stops for their exhibition at the September 2010 fair. Displayed to advantage in two large cabinets in the Great Hall was a grand selection of streaky pieces from various periods of the factory's history.

Stunning and rare pieces were shown alongside some of the more easily-found examples and they combined to make a very effective and interesting display, as can be seen in the photograph to the right.

As is often the case with an exhibition such as this, information came to light about some of the items on display.

In particular, an unusual bubbled and streaked vase and bowl, separately found and owned by avid collectors Patrick Hogan and Graham Hudson, were identified by ex-Whitefriars employee, chemist Brian Slingsby, as having been produced experimentally during the 1970's. He went on to recall the various processes that had been used to achieve the bubbled effect.

This was immensely valuable information because, up until that point, it was unclear as to when the pieces had been made, but they were thought to be possibly from the 1930's. The vase, however, carries a 1970's Whitefriars label which added to the confusion until Brian's information explained the mystery. Brian also contributed to the exhibition some small bowls which were made at the same time as the other pieces.

Graham Hudson provided around 80% of the earlier pieces on display, but there were many other donations from contributors including Willie Black, Julian Knowles, Wolfie Rayner, Patrick Hogan and others.

Among the other highlights was a beautiful blue, green and white streaky 10" tumbler vase and a large streaky green on sky blue lampbase, both from Graham Hudson. There were also some pieces by Capt. H.J. Dunne- Cooke, the director of the Swedish firm Elfverson and Co., who was also a glass designer himself. These date from the 1930's.

Later Sky Blue in Cabinet 2
Streaky green on sky blue lampbase
A collection of cloudy white lattice
One-off experimental pieces

There was a streaky snail made by glassblower Johnny Payne and loaned by Wolfie Rayner and a lovely and rare four-coloured multi-streaked Butler bowl on loan from Graham Hudson.

Many of the 1970's items were loaned by forum member Julian Knowles and Willie Black contributed some Aurora pieces.

This was a super exhibition which gave lots of opportunity and material for discussion among the group and other visitors to the fair.

The members also took the opportunity to once again bring along some examples of the fake Whitefriars pieces which are causing such problems for collectors. These were available for comparison with authentic pieces and the forum members were happy to discuss the differences and give helpful pointers.




exhibition highlights

  • Experimental 1970's bubbled, streaked vase and bowl, loaned by Patrick Hogan and Graham Hudson.

  • Streaky bowl by Capt. Dunne-Cooke, loaned by Wolfie Rayner.

  • Rare streaky blue, green and white tumbler vase, loaned by Graham Hudson .

Note: Images provided by Patrick Hogan and Graham Hudson.