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The Cambridge Glass Fair

knebworth Exhibition: February 2010

Sky Blue

Display of Sky Blue pieces
Display of early and later Sky Blue

A superb display of Sky Blue pieces formed the exhibition for February 2010. The pieces were housed in two large cabinets in the Great Hall and were loaned by various forum members.

In the first cabinet, items in the older Sky Blue and Pale Blue were shown and there were some stunning examples.

Older Sky Blue is the lead glass version of the earlier soda glass Alsatian Blue. It often appears to be stronger in tone as it is usually more thickly blown. In the 1930's, Sky Blue was renamed Pale Blue.

It was produced until c1938.

Among the highlights was a beautiful Sky Blue and Amethyst bowl designed by James Hogan and a large streaky green on Sky Blue lampbase. There was also a Hogan M53 decanter with Sky Blue foot and stopper, a Wilson 9002 swagged bowl and a Sky Blue swan.

Later Sky Blue in Cabinet 2
Later Sky Blue in Cabinet 2
A collection of cloudy white lattice
Later Sky Blue pieces including a sun spot, apple and pear

The second cabinet contained pieces in the later version of Sky Blue - a much more intense colour, looking more spectacular 'in the flesh' than these photos can convey.

There were some very interesting items on show here, including a sun spot, ducks, swans and a whole collection of knobbly vases from Emmi Smith.

There was also a bubbled apple and pear. These are shown below along with the sun spot and were loaned by William Black.

The sun spot and most of the other items were loaned by Richard Anderson.

Sky Blue from both periods is very collectable and can command some high prices - and that is not surprising, as it is both relatively rare and very attractive, especially when displayed 'en masse'.

Later Sky Blue is referred to as FLC (Full Lead Crystal) and appeared only in the 1980 catalogue. It is uncased.

exhibition highlights

  • Old Sky Blue swagged bowl, loaned by Leni Simons.

  • Old Sky Blue swan, loaned by Wolfie Rayner.

  • Later Sky Blue bubbled apple and pear, loaned by William Black.

  • Later Sky Blue sun spot, loaned by Richard Anderson.


Note: Images provided by Patrick Hogan & Leni Simons.