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The Cambridge Glass Fair

knebworth Exhibition: September 2009

Cloudy White Lattice

Display of White clooudy Lattice
Display of cloudy white lattice

The exhibition for September 2009 was a stunning display of cloudy white lattice pieces mostly provided by Graham Hudson with a few being loaned courtesy of The Country Seat.

Nigel Benson also loaned a beautiful decanter with a cloudy white foot and stopper plus two matching sherry glasses with white stems and feet and these were a great addition to the exhibition.

A collection of cloudy white lattice
A collection of cloudy white lattice

The cloudy white lattice range was produced from c1928 until the end of the 1930's and is a highly desirable colour variation. A collection such as this of several examples and showing some of the different shapes is unusual and spectacular.

Opaque white glass was produced by the addition of arsenic and tin oxide to the metal and was originally used in the thermometer-making side of the Whitefriars business. Canes of white enamel were used at various times in the production of twist stems and paperweights and streaks of white were used on ornamental vases in the early 1900's. It was also used for melted-in threading on decanters and glasses in this era.

The use of opaque white streaked and trailed glass was revived in 1961 on a Geoffrey Baxter range made in blue and ruby and in 1964 as white rims on a range of vessels produced in midnight blue and shadow green.

As white enamel is a difficult material to control, both of these ranges were short-lived.

exhibition highlights

  • Lampbase ( H.11 1/2ins.

  • Large charger ( D.13 1/2ins.

  • Decanter and glasses (

  • Small lipped bowl only recorded in the MOL archives (ref.80.547/661) D.5ins.