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Foyer Exhibition:
September 2008

Sklo union

František Pečeny for Heřmanova hut
František Pečeny for Heřmanova Hut

The September 2008 foyer exhibition will show a private loan collection of Sklo Union pressed glass.

In the late 1940’s nationalisation led to the various separate factories which made up the Czech glass industry being grouped into a series of larger conglomerates with their original German names being replaced by Czech ones. One of these eventually became the Sklo Union group.

The Soviet regime which banned fine art as being decadent and subversive
Rudolf Jurnikl, “Iceberg bowl ”
Rudolf Jurnikl, 'Iceberg' bowl
meant that the glass making industry blossomed from the 1950’s – 70’s because it provided an artistic outlet in those repressed times.

The skilled designers produced literally hundreds of superb, modernist designs which were exported to the West and these were freely available on the high street, sold as art glass for the home.

The often unacknowledged designers are today recognised as major contributors to twentieth century glass design.

This exhibition, organised with the help of Marcus Newhall, author of ‘Sklo Union, Art before Industry’, will seek to show visitors to the fair some of these vibrant and stylish designs which are set to become an important new glass-collecting focus.

The book produced to accompany the exhibition of Czech glass from the Graham Cooley Collection showing at King's Lynn until 9th August will be available

from author and collectables expert Mark Hill, who will be found signing copies in the foyer alongside the exhibition. This 148-page full colour work, ‘Hi Sklo Lo Sklo – From Masterpiece to Mass Produced’, will contain an illustrated introduction and over 200 specially commissioned photographs.

Marcus Newhall’s book, 'Sklo Union - Art Before Industry', and the accompanying CD will be available from the author at The National Glass Collectors Fair at Gaydon on Sunday November 9th, 2008.

Hi Sklo Lo Sklo Book Cover
Hi Sklo Lo Sklo book cover

exhibition highlights

• Head vase

• Sklo Union advertising money box

• Expo 58 vase

• Glassexport advertising glassblower figurine

• Zajic vase


Note: All images supplied by Andy McConnell.