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The Cambridge Glass Fair


Foyer Exhibition:
February 2008

Sam Herman: An Exhibition and Much More

Glass Vase by Sam Herman.
Glass Vase by Sam Herman

One of the most important figures in the studio glass movement is Sam Herman and we are delighted that he is able to be with us at the fair. In addition to a selling exhibition of some of his work dating from the late sixties to the present day he will be 'in conversation' with the well-known glass artist Adam Aaronson, discussing the beginnings of the studio glass movement in Great Britain. This will take place in the Great Hall during the afternoon.

Sam Herman, one of the founders of the studio glass movement in Great Britain, is credited with introducing 'small furnace' technology in the late 1960's. He was the tutor in charge of the glass department at the RCA and was a major influence; many noted glass artists today were his former students including Pauline Solven, Annette Meach,
Sam Herman working with Adam Aaronson
Sam Herman working with Adam Aaronson
Steven Newell and Jiri Suhajek.

He had a refreshingly different approach to the design process which introduced an immediacy and lively use of both form and colour which was in contrast to the prevailing methods of the time.

In 1969 he was instrumental in setting up the 'Glasshouse' in Covent Garden which along with a major exhibition of his work at the V&A brought this emerging craft to public attention.

The exhibition will show pieces made at various times and in different locations including several made at Adam's London workshop and all, large and small (and there are some quite substantial examples, such as the one shown left),are endowed with Sam's trademark exuberant spontaneity.