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The Cambridge Glass Fair


Foyer Exhibition:
February 2004

Contemporary Glass

Bowl by Morag Gordon.
Bowl by Morag Gordon.

We at the Cambridge Glass Fair have always been interested in contemporary glass, and given the number of extremely talented glass artists in this country alone it is an interest that can be easily sustained.

Our February 2004 fair at Chilford Hall will focus on studio glass and will feature pieces by Sam Herman, Rachael Woodman, Morag Gordon and Chris Ainslie among others.

Platinum vase by Allister Malcolm.
Platinum vase by Allister Malcolm.

We are also especially pleased that several designers will showcase their own work allowing visitors the opportunity to talk to them personally. Those who will exhibit include Patrick Stern, Allister Malcolm, Fluxglass, Paul Stevenson, Anna French and Yuki Kokai.

The breadth of contemporary glass will be well represented. On display will be kiln formed and slumped glass, blown glass, pate de verre, engraved glass and sandblasted pieces. There will also be glass jewellery.

Primavera, the Cambridge contemporary arts gallery, will devote their stand to showing the latest work by Peter Layton.

The Contemporary Glass Society will also have a stand in the foyer for those visitors wanting more information on contemporary glass or who wish to join the society.

The Cambridge Glass Fair will continue to support contemporary glass at future events. It is intended to feature pieces by leading makers and with various artists exhibiting their latest work we hope to raise the profile of modern glass and bring the freshness of new ideas to the fore. We also hope to open a dedicated space for contemporary artists to exhibit their work at future fairs.

exhibition highlights

•Chris Ainslie engraved vases

•Rachael Woodman 'Gritties' vase

•Layne Rowe 'Strata' vase

•Dominic Fondé 'The Seer' and 'Airport Man' vases